Download the latest version(crossvpn)


AD:”timeout!can not connetct server!”,please download new version!
Download the latest version[version 6.2 2017-02-07](Support android 7.x)
(1) through the web site download: Click to download

(2) by scanning the two-dimensional code Download:

(3)  Google Play


1.中國蘋果戶口下載方法:點擊查看 ;

Chinese apple account download way: click show;

2.非中國蘋果帳號請在appstore搜索”蘿蔔加速器”或者”whatsvpn” 或者 點擊下面鏈接;

non-Chinese apple account search “whatsvpn” or click link the following;


whatsvpn app link on app store.




    windows client download

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How to register new account of CrossVpn for free?

crossvpn is free for  registration,You can register by  the following 2 ways:

1、By Android app,Permanent free use

APP download app

2.By website。

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Why VPN can not connect?

First: one-key set can not be connected (in the following order to resolve the problem) click difference of CROSSVPN, STATIC, TLS

0.onekey-set suport CROSSVPN, STATIC, TLS protocols,default CROSSVPN can try other protocol at the “MENU icon ->SETTINGS”.

1.onekey-set Crash or death,menu->setting change ‘do not visit your local country sites via vpn’  to off.

2.if you use CROSSVPN  alert “network unable” on your phone top always,you may reboot your phone.

3,One-key set includes CROSSVPN, STATIC and TLS,show on “menu->setting”,We suggest you try the above three kinds of ways.

4, if crossvpn log appears “your image does not support the vpnservice api …..”. sorry!When the mobile phone did  manufacture, vpnservice be removed. Solution: Replace mobile phone.

5, make sure your broadband> = 1MB. (EDGE and 2G mobile network signal can not use VPN).

6, the connection status prompt ”AUTH” allways, initially identified the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator limite VPN, try to switch to other networks

7, it took a long time before the connection is successful (re-connection process fails halfway there).  initially identified the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator limite VPN, try to switch to other networks

8, to try for a long time and never had a successful connection. The reasons are complex, generally due to network service providers, or loss of function caused by mobile phones.

9, if the above problem is still not resolved, please use the manual settings (pptp)

Second: the manual settings PPTP can not be connected (in the following order to resolve the problem)

1, make sure your account has not expired, and faster speed.

2, each prompt connection fails

(1),click on the “Connect” immediately prompts failed: This may be TCP1723 port was closed, especially third-party service providers(ISP) and corporate networks ISP blocking probability.

(2), click on the “Connect” prompts failed for tens of secends: It may be the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator for the VPN is limited, try to switch to other networks.

3, each connection timeout tips

(1) Internet Service Provider ISP problem, try switching to other networks

(2) phone problems

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IOS,windows,MAC vpn settings

IOS  PPTP VPN Setting:

WINDOWS 7 PPTP VPN setting: Click to open

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VPN setup method(android versions<4.0)

1、Add a Virtual Private Network




3、a. Virtual Private Network Name: Name1; b.set up a virtual private network server (View) in crossVPN inside; c.Start the encryption selected; d. the last saved


4、Click the name1


5、Set the user name and password and then “Connect”. The landing username and password crossvpn. Generally 1-3 times dial-up can be successful.


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Trial membership expires, I can continue to use it?

Answer: Yes.the bottom of the vpn list has permanently free lines;Free get windows/iphone/Macintosh vpn Configuration file at the Member center .
Crossvpn is a free software, if you need to continue to trial vpn,Please make 5 Stars Review on google play (Your username is added to the end of Review),and then you click on the”menu -> guestbook” message in crossvpn
If you wish to charge: You can paypal,alipay, credit card payment: Member center URL is:

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Why is slow Internet access through vpn?

crossvpn provide each vpn server speed are 100M-sharing networks. That is in an ideal network environment, download movies can reach 12M / S. The principle on internet I will not repeat them here. As long as you follow the “closer sooner, the sooner the better” principle to select the area you need to use vpn, you will have an optimal surfing experience. Why do I access the site is very slow it? I give an example: If you are in Japan, connecting France vpn, visit the U.S. site。 It is wrong. You should choose the U.S. vpn visit the U.S. site, this speed is the fastest.

slow access generally consists of the following reasons:

1, broadband operators (ISP): impact index * * * * *

VPN is the principle of an open public network virtual line, this line is encrypted safe. Although there is no way to view the vpn ISP data, but can affect the speed of the vpn to achieve deceive. If you find it difficult when using vpn connection is successful, it is generally due to operators in the sin. Third-party operators is particularly evident. Solution: Replace or other networks and operators negotiated.

2, Site Issues: Impact Index ****

I suggest you get high-quality website.

3, network quality: Impact Index ****

If you are in mainland China Tibet using third-party operators A, if you want to visit Germany Your access path (route) is this: A -> Tibet Backbone -> Sichuan Backbone -> Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany. If you are in Guangzhou, with a backbone internet That path is shortened: Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany.

So when you try to select the choice of ISP backbone operators: such as China Telecom, China Unicom, Greater China Telecom, PCCW and so on.

4, the mobile phone network speed: Impact Index * * *

Solution: We recommend broadband: more than 1M;

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Crossvpn Bank transfer

Sorry, Crossvpn currently only supports the Chinese currency and Hong Kong currency to pay!

Click get Bank Account

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android PPTP/L2TP/IKEV1/IKEV2 setup method(android versions>=4.0)

Get PPTP set guide for android

Get L2TP/ipsec PSK set guide for android

Get IKEV1(IPSEC Xauth PSK) set guide for android

Get IKEV2(IPSEC Xauth RSA) set guide for android

Get server address from android APP or

1、Set screen Password(Skip has been set or android version<4.0)


Ⅰ.android PPTP set guide


Ⅱ.android L2TP/ipsec set guide


Ⅲ.android IKEV1(IPSEC Xauth PSK)set guide


Ⅳ.android IKEV2(IPSEC Xauth RSA)set guide “crossvpn.p12″ certificate:



2. import certificate【phone setting–>Security->install certificates from storage->download folder–>input password”crossvpn”–>confirm】





3.set ikev2 vpn




After a successful landing, will be prompted in the notification bar!Congratulations on your successful landing!

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Prohibit Download Video by P2P tools

U.S. Copyright Office regulations prohibit downloading infringing movies  via P2P tools. If we find that you use P2P tools (BitTorrent, BitComet, etc.) to download movies, we will freeze your account!

If your account is frozen because of watching movies, please send an email( to me,  tell us what app watching movie, and promise  no longer using P2P technology  . we will lift the freeze!

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