one-key set:crossvpn,tlsvpn and staticvpn

CrossVpn 5.0 supports three kinds of one-key set protocol: crossvpn, tlsvpn and staticvpn
1.crossvpn: system default crossvpn.GoodYes Technology develope private protocol, not public in the world .
Advantages:high speed internet , strong ability to penetrate; the validation process is not easy to be blocked
Disadvantages:Because it is new protocol, maybe there are some problems, need to constantly improve
2.tlsvpn: Using CA certificate encryption, security unquestionable. stock trading, online banking and other deemand friends of the data can be used for high complexity due to encryption, the disadvantage is slow…
Advantages:The complexity of the encryption, the strong security.
Disadvantages:Verify (AUTH) login process is slow; slow access; verification process can easily be intercepted
3.staticvpn: Using static key encryption, because the key is stored in the client phone, it is easy to be cracked, security is general.
Advantages: Verify (AUTH) login process faster
Disadvantages: slow access; the verification process can easily be intercepted

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