How to register new account of CrossVpn for free?

crossvpn is free for  registration,You can register by  the following 2 ways:

1、By Android app,Permanent free use

APP download app

2.By website。

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Why VPN can not connect?

First: one-key set can not be connected (in the following order to resolve the problem) click difference of CROSSVPN, STATIC, TLS

0.onekey-set suport CROSSVPN, STATIC, TLS protocols,default CROSSVPN can try other protocol at the “MENU icon ->SETTINGS”.

1.onekey-set Crash or death,menu->setting change ‘do not visit your local country sites via vpn’  to off.

2.if you use CROSSVPN  alert “network unable” on your phone top always,you may reboot your phone.

3,One-key set includes CROSSVPN, STATIC and TLS,show on “menu->setting”,We suggest you try the above three kinds of ways.

4, if crossvpn log appears “your image does not support the vpnservice api …..”. sorry!When the mobile phone did  manufacture, vpnservice be removed. Solution: Replace mobile phone.

5, make sure your broadband> = 1MB. (EDGE and 2G mobile network signal can not use VPN).

6, the connection status prompt ”AUTH” allways, initially identified the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator limite VPN, try to switch to other networks

7, it took a long time before the connection is successful (re-connection process fails halfway there).  initially identified the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator limite VPN, try to switch to other networks

8, to try for a long time and never had a successful connection. The reasons are complex, generally due to network service providers, or loss of function caused by mobile phones.

9, if the above problem is still not resolved, please use the manual settings (pptp)

Second: the manual settings PPTP can not be connected (in the following order to resolve the problem)

1, make sure your account has not expired, and faster speed.

2, each prompt connection fails

(1),click on the “Connect” immediately prompts failed: This may be TCP1723 port was closed, especially third-party service providers(ISP) and corporate networks ISP blocking probability.

(2), click on the “Connect” prompts failed for tens of secends: It may be the network service provider (ISP) or the company administrator for the VPN is limited, try to switch to other networks.

3, each connection timeout tips

(1) Internet Service Provider ISP problem, try switching to other networks

(2) phone problems

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wifi tethering with other devices

At first, android device connect vpn successfuly and appears key on the top,and then click the Settings icon->wifi tethering,you can see the proxy address shown belowing, then share vpn with LAN’s other devices .include WINDOWS,IOS,MAC,Macintosh,and so on

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Warning: Do not use P2P and Torrent protocol to download (movie) files,otherwise your account and device will be temporarily freeze,such as Torrent,Thunder,and so on!crossvpn can monitor Torrent traffic,please do not have with any luck!

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