OPENVPN configuration

use your account to login the url  and download openvpn related configuration. it is very simple.

crossvpn openvpn  supports windows, ios, android, mac and more.

Apple Computer(Macintosh) openvpn configuration: the openvpn software tunnelblick( on your Macintosh.
2.install tunnelblick. bulid a new folder named “crossvpn” on your desktop. and login your account. the “Get WINDOWS,IOS,MAC configuration files” -> “IOS(iphone and ipad)” ->”openvpn”. see the list on the  following,example:
Atlanta,GA,USA.usa (download)
New Jersey,USA.usa (download)
Tokyo,Japan(1).japan[VIP Privilege] (download)
Fremont,CA,USA.usa (download) one line ,then download it and move it to “crossvpn” folder mentioned the third article.

8.rename the the folder ”crossvpn”to ”crossvpn.tblk”

9.double click the crossvpn.tblk and install into tunnelblick

10. on the right top of desktop,click tunnelblick,then select “openvpn” and connect.

11.input your account ,connected successfully after a few minutes.

notice: if one line can be not connected unsuccessfully,please download another vpn lines

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