Goodyes network reply the issue of Chinese government banning vpn

GOODYES NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED(shorty name as GOODYES NETWORK),local in Hong Kong.Branches are In the United States, Germany, Japan.the company has two vpn products CROSSVPN free and WHATSVPN free. After several years of development, More than 5 million users in the global .In addition to Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, other continents and the ocean are distributed.Crossvpn free and whatsvpn free support 14 languages in the world, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Dutch.English among major languages.
In January 2017, about he issue of Chinese government banning vpn, some users consultation it. GOODYES NETWORK response the following:
1.Goodyes network’s 2 products only provide network acceleration and gaming acceleration, outside the scope of the Chinese Government.
2.GOODYES NETWORK is a global network acceleration provider, the user for the world. So,Not affected by China’s influence.
3.GOODYES NETWORK does not have any branches in China, there is only one outsourcing technology cooperation company in China, we just non-core technology to the company.So users do not have to worry about privacy leaked.
4.The nature of the business about GOODYES NETWORK includes the network accelerator and the gaming accelerator ,.the jurisdiction is Hong Kong.China has nothing to do.
5.CROSSVPN free and WHATSVPN free are not monitored by any government.

GOODYES NETWORK continues to focus on providing free, easy-to-use accelerator tools or vpn to any users around the world.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
Telephone:00852 31108636
Receipt Address: 12 / F, San Tai Building, 137-139 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
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